Design the world's next amazing music festival.

Build a team. Sharpen your skills. Get creative.
Bring it to life.

Soundcheck is a unique, immersive workshop experience blending entertainment, entrepreneurship and creativity.

We believe immersive experiences powered by cultural content are a powerful way of helping people of ages develop key life & work skills.

Soundcheck has been designed by a team of experts in media, technology and innovation to help build skills in leadership, confidence and communication as well as data analysis, design and sales & marketing.

We're already running our programs with some of the world's leading educators, companies and cultural institutions.

Join us today - it's time for a Soundcheck!

Our Programs

2-4 hour festival taster for 5-15 year olds
Teams learn about the history of music festivals and what goes into making a successful one
They create their own festival theme and get creative with art, design and marketing tasks as well as learning teamwork and project planning skills
Self-serve option available via the Soundcheck digital platform, including all assets and resources

1-3 day enterprise challenge for 16-21 year olds
Teams work in time-boxed sprints to deliver a full concept for their festival venture, culminating in a pitch session
Decision-making and critical thinking is at the forefront, alongside creative asset creation, financial planning and project management
Self-serve option available via the Soundcheck digital platform, including all assets and resources

1 day innovation workshop for companies
Facilitated by our team of experts
Practical, interactive and fun content & activities, all mapped to building a real creative business
Get inspiration to create new projects and ventures within your organisation
Share those guilty music pleasures that don't get aired in the office...

“It was a pleasure working with Soundcheck at the V&A where they delivered 10 workshops over 5 days on the Family Art Fun programme. In the planning stage they were responsive and professional, and during the week the team of facilitators were fantastic.
I would highly recommend Soundcheck in the future to run workshops!"

Harriet Curnow
Programme Manager: Schools, Families and Young People - Learning Programmes, V&A Museum

“It was an action-packed and energetic day, and a huge range of skills were practiced including collaboration, delegation, ideation, time planning, design, creativity and attention to detail - all while having fun and learning in a whole new way. I highly recommend Soundcheck for an alternative learning experience.”

Tina Gotschi
Head of Computer Science - Ada College, London, UK

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About us

Soundcheck is a new type of immersive learning experience.

Blending work and play with both physical & digital activities, Soundcheck helps participants develop new skills, dive into entrepreneurial endeavours and unleash their creativity.

The challenge? Design a new music festival venture.

Why Soundcheck?

In today's rapidly changing world, having the capabilities to solve real-world problems, effectively communicate with others, analyse information and be able to lead are becoming more important than ever before.

We believe practical, project-based learning is a hugely powerful way of helping people develop the skills they need to thrive.

Soundcheck is designed to focus on building these key skills as well as offering genuine insight into how modern creative businesses operate, all whilst having a lot of fun along the way.

Our Story

Soundcheck began life in Summer 2015 when Howard was asked to do a careers talk at a college in East London.

While he was preparing, he remembered how he felt when he was at college and wondered how much the students would learn from just listening to him talk about his career.

Instead, he gave them a challenge - they had 90 minutes to put together a concept for a new live event in London, and pitch their ideas at the end of the afternoon.

After seeing the wide array of skills the students needed to call upon, he realised there was real potential to build a new type of immersive learning experience that could make an impact with businesses, universities and schools alike.

Soundcheck was created, and we're just getting started.

Our Team

The Soundcheck team bring together over 3 decades of expertise in music, entertainment and innovation to deliver interactive, immersive workshops that are designed to educate, inspire and entertain.

We're hugely passionate about the power of practical, project-based learning and are on a mission to help unlock the potential in talented people across the globe.

Our unique vantage point means that Soundcheck! is as close to building a real music festival as you can be - just without the mud...

Want to join the team? Get in touch

How it Works

Here's a quick guide to our enterprise challenges for 16-21 year olds. An overview of our sessions for 5-15 year olds will be here soon - if you'd like more information in the meantime then just drop us a line.

Each festival team comprises 3-6 members, covering everything from talent booking, marketing, production, catering and operations
We work in rapid sprints - constantly building, measuring and learning. Each sprint has a number of tasks and routes to take; teams have to decide what to prioritise and focus on
At the end of the session each team delivers a 2 minute pitch showcasing their concept
Each session is underpinned by bespoke physical materials, real music industry content, and supporting resources on our online platform
Activities combine individual, pair and team work
Workshops are facilitated by our team of industry experts


Our challenges are mapped to the World Economic Forum's guide to the skills of the future.

Here are just a few of the outcomes:

Effective, cross-functional teamworkLeadershipCommunication skillsProject managementHow to solve interesting and practical real-world challengesHow to take creativity to unexplored placesHow to test your assumptionsManaging and handling riskWhat it's like to build a modern creative business

Sample Challenges

Choose 8 artists to play across 3 stages, making sure you book a mix of local, national and international talent.

Does each artist fit with the values and mission of your festival concept? Can the marketing team rely on them to sell the tickets to get the festival rocking?

Choose from an extensive menu of suppliers to organise everything from laser lighting and sound system to toilets and security, delivered on time and on budget.

Be careful not to blow the budget, or do it on the cheap - there could be consequences!

You’re recruiting 25 food & beverage vendors. Make sure there’s enough water, healthy food, and options for all tastes and dietary requirements.

Watch out for the litter rating of each vendor - too much trash and your production team are not going to be happy…


Why a Music Festival?

Have you ever thought about what it takes to bring a music festival to life?
Identifying and curating the best talentSourcing the right partners & suppliersDelivering superior levels of productionProviding excellence in customer serviceDeveloping compelling sales, marketing & advertising strategies
It's this combination that make music festivals such unique, fast-paced and exciting ventures, and it's why we believe they're a great way of learning new skills.

Is Soundcheck only for the music industry?

Not at all. If you're looking to work in the music industry you'll certainly get some great insights, but the methodologies, skills and activities we've designed are relevant for just about any industry.

How much does it cost?

We offer two options - self-serve or facilitated.

Self-serve Soundcheck gives you all the tools to run a session through our tried and tested online platform. Facilitated sessions feature our squad of experts guiding attendees through the workshop.

Pricing for both options varies depending on the number of attendees, the type of organisation the session is for, and whether you're looking for any bespoke material for the day.

It's best to contact us with what you're looking for and we can give you a quote right away.

If you're a school, charity or non-profit be sure to let us know and we'll offer you a discounted rate.

Is this an online course?

No, it's in-person. We utilise online resources via the Soundcheck platform but the workshops are facilitated by real people, either by our team or yours.

Where do sessions take place?

We're based in NYC and most of our sessions take place there, but if you're somewhere else in the world don't be shy to get in touch. You can either use our platform to run your own session, or we can visit you in-person.

Can I only do this with work / school / uni?

Most of our workshops run with schools, colleges, universities and companies. However, we do run some open sessions too. Drop us a line and we'll let you know when our next open sessions are.